WiJungle Achieves BIS Certification, Leading the Way as India’s Top Make-in-India Cyber Security Product Company

While a stepping stone on the path to success, WiJungle has added another feather to its wings. WiJungle has become Make in India only Indian Cybersecurity Product Startup to attain BIS certifications, proving its credibility to global organizations in the field of cybersecurity.

The BIS certification, widely recognized for its stringent quality standards, reinforces WiJungle’s position as a reliable and trusted player in the industry. WiJungle’s innovative and holistic approach to network security has consistently enthralled customers, and this certification further bolsters its reputation.

This achievement of Wijungle ensures its products meet the highest standards and assures users of a safe and secure online experience. This accomplishment is a testament to WiJungle’s unwavering dedication to safeguarding digital environments, making it a compelling choice for businesses and organizations seeking robust cybersecurity solutions.

Media Links: APAC News Network, Express Computer

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