Tech Startup of the Year in Security: A Shining Beacon in Cyber Security Innovation

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WiJungle again triumphed in 2023 with Entrepreneur India’s “Tech Startup of the Year” in the category of Security. WiJungle has consistently demonstrated its expertise in cyber security, embracing cutting-edge technology to provide robust and comprehensive solutions. WiJungle’s win signifies not only its technical excellence but also its role as a beacon of security in vulnerable cyberspace. In a world marred by evolving digital threats, this accolade underscores WiJungle’s relentless commitment to safeguarding the digital landscape.  

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WiJungle’s Ambitious Expansion: Plans to Hire 120+ Amidst Industry Layoffs

In response to the prevalent trend of significant layoffs amid the ‘Great Layoff’ wave, WiJungle has formulated strategic hiring plans. Over the course of the next six months, the company aims to recruit more than 120 professionals at various organizational levels. 

Notably, 2023 has witnessed a daily average of over 27,000 job losses, attributed to intense global competition, the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the swift progression of technological advancements. As businesses, from startups to large enterprises, increasingly embrace digital transformation, the imperative need for a robust cybersecurity infrastructure has become evident. 

In alignment with this demand, WiJungle, an AI and Machine Learning-based security platform, is proactively expanding its workforce, focusing on sales, operational support, engineering, and other crucial departments. Mr. Karmesh Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder of WiJungle emphasizes that this strategic expansion aims to meet market demands, introduce new products, and attain targeted growth objectives. 

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WiJungle At India’s Cybersecurity Prowess at G20 Digital Economy Working Group in Lucknow


WiJungle, a Unified Cyber Security Platform cybersecurity startup, had the privilege of presenting at the inaugural meeting of the G20 Digital Economy Working Group in Lucknow from February 13 to 15, 2023. WiJungle presentation showcased innovative solutions and insights into securing the digital landscape, reflecting the vital role of cybersecurity in the global digital economy. 

WiJungle’s engagement at this esteemed forum underscores its commitment to shaping the digital future through cutting-edge technology and strategies. Participation in the G20 meeting reaffirms the position as an industry leader in fortifying digital ecosystems, reinforcing the importance of robust cybersecurity in an interconnected world. WiJungle’s presence exemplifies the critical role of startups in advancing global digital security. 


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WiJungle Earns ICSA Labs Certification, Elevating Cybersecurity Excellence

WiJungle has become the first and only Indian cybersecurity Product Startup to attain both the ICSA and BIS certifications, proving its credibility to global organizations in the field of cybersecurity. 

ICSA Labs is a globally recognized independent testing and certification organization that specializes in evaluating and certifying cybersecurity and network products and solutions. ICSA Labs, a division of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), a U.S. government agency, offers comprehensive testing services to assess the security, performance, and reliability of a wide range of products, including firewalls, antivirus software, intrusion detection and prevention systems, VPN solutions, and more. Their certifications provide a valuable mark of quality and security, giving customers confidence that the products they choose meet stringent standards for cybersecurity. 

Vendors and organizations seek ICSA Labs certification to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products, enhance market credibility, and meet industry and regulatory compliance requirements. ICSA Labs’ certifications are respected globally, making them a crucial player in the cybersecurity landscape. The accreditation has verified WiJungle’s strong credentials in the enterprise network and cybersecurity market and set a benchmark for homegrown startups to strive for in their pursuit of global acceptance.

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2022 Office Relocation and Funding: A Transformative Journey


WiJungle offers a range of solutions in the segment of cyber security from routers, WAF, SD-WAN, Link load balancers, NGFW, etc. It started its Journey from Pink City and recently it relocated to Gurugram, Haryana the hub of finance and technology or we say Kingdom of Dreams. The strategic decision to relocate underscores the company’s commitment to expansion and efficiency, positioning them for greater market influence.

In parallel, WiJungle has secured substantial funding from US-based global venture capital firm SOSV, validating its innovative solutions and growth potential. SOSV is a global venture capital firm based out of the United States that operates early-stage startup development programs. This financial injection will fortify their mission to fortify digital landscapes. The convergence of new office space and substantial funding not only signifies progress but also augments its capability to address the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, ensuring heightened protection for clients. Exciting times lie ahead for WiJungle and its mission to secure the digital realm. 

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WiJungle Achieves BIS Certification, Leading the Way as India’s Top Make-in-India Cyber Security Product Company

While a stepping stone on the path to success, WiJungle has added another feather to its wings. WiJungle has become Make in India only Indian Cybersecurity Product Startup to attain BIS certifications, proving its credibility to global organizations in the field of cybersecurity.

The BIS certification, widely recognized for its stringent quality standards, reinforces WiJungle’s position as a reliable and trusted player in the industry. WiJungle’s innovative and holistic approach to network security has consistently enthralled customers, and this certification further bolsters its reputation.

This achievement of Wijungle ensures its products meet the highest standards and assures users of a safe and secure online experience. This accomplishment is a testament to WiJungle’s unwavering dedication to safeguarding digital environments, making it a compelling choice for businesses and organizations seeking robust cybersecurity solutions.

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