2022 Office Relocation and Funding: A Transformative Journey


WiJungle offers a range of solutions in the segment of cyber security from routers, WAF, SD-WAN, Link load balancers, NGFW, etc. It started its Journey from Pink City and recently it relocated to Gurugram, Haryana the hub of finance and technology or we say Kingdom of Dreams. The strategic decision to relocate underscores the company’s commitment to expansion and efficiency, positioning them for greater market influence.

In parallel, WiJungle has secured substantial funding from US-based global venture capital firm SOSV, validating its innovative solutions and growth potential. SOSV is a global venture capital firm based out of the United States that operates early-stage startup development programs. This financial injection will fortify their mission to fortify digital landscapes. The convergence of new office space and substantial funding not only signifies progress but also augments its capability to address the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, ensuring heightened protection for clients. Exciting times lie ahead for WiJungle and its mission to secure the digital realm. 

Media Link: Financial Express, Indian Web, Tech Graph, Startup Story Media

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