WiJungle launches its Advanced Gateway Appliance

Our journey has seen many paradigm shifts. We launched WiJungle in 2015 as a Completely Free Wi-Fi project and then gradually a year later the market demand made us infiltrate Social WiFi business.
The severe ongoing telecom war unceasingly kept us pushing towards something more innovative and exciting.
And today we are in the ” Advanced Gateway Appliances”, gratifying the needs of Hotels, Educational Institutes, Hospitals, Malls, Enterprises, Transportation, ISPs etc.

Coming to the query of many that what exactly Gateway Appliances are? It’s an appliance deployed at the network gateway to manage internet and network. One can find out existing features on our website https://wijungle.com

Being the most economical along with best pre and post sales services, it has created a niche market. Within a month we have reached out to 20+ channel partners across India and onboarding more on daily basis.

For signing up as a partner, we can always be reached out at 911@wijungle.com

Also, we are hiring live wires for both tech and nontech, those who can put their soul to work are welcome.

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