Vulnerability Assessment and AP Management – In WiJungle OS 9.0

Proven records lighten the fact that WiJungle never leaves a stone unturned to create its power impact in the Security, network and firewall market.

WiJungle Devices

Vulnerability Assessment and AP Management being the long existing pain points of IT Managers, has been rolled out for the first time in any of the firewall & hotspot gateway product.
Incorporation of Vulnerability Assessment in WiJungle will help enterprises to do penetration testing of infrastructure, discover their threat score and get suggestions to mitigate them.
While on the other hand, AP Management will be used to configure & manage multiple access points via the WiJungle Admin Dashboard. The feature is currently limited to Engenius and Ruckus Access Points.
In contrast, currently multiple brand specific controllers are required to perform the above access points operations.

WiJungle Gets Featured Under 20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Providers of 2018

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that WiJungle has made the place under 20 Most Promising Enterprise Information Security Providers of 2018.
The results have been published by CIO Review.


We extend warm gratitude towards our partners and customers for the faith they have shown in us. We will keep working hard to make it the best and most trusted product.